The Restoration Begins!

"So who's buying the pizza and beer?" (L to R) Stinky, Fuzz, Safety Ed, Tiny, Doc, Rudy the Rat and Grumpy Gus settle the most important aspect of a restoration project: who's getting the refreshments!

One virtue Westenders value is being proactive.  Thus it is no surprise that they are getting started on preparations for Tour di Mari 5 about nine months in advance!  TdiM5 will feature the raffling off of a restored 1974 Vespa Super!  Those of you who were present at Tour di Mari 3: Riding Down to Brighton know how sharp a Westenders restoration is, so this will probably be a real hot item come next July! (more…)

Tour di Mari 3 Vespa P200e Raffle – July 2010


Westenders SC Raffle Bike Work Party – April 2010