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July 17-18, 2015: Tour di Mari 8!

I Love the 80’s!


The Westenders Tour Di Mari #8 is heading your way!  This year’s theme is a turn back in time to the the beloved 80’s! Spandex, Hair Bands, Video Archades, Mullets and Walkmans… come on, you know you loved it!

It seems like things were so much simpler back in the 80s – so we too will be aiming to keep our Rally simple.  We are going to reduce our normal three day affair to just two days – Friday night and Saturday.  We’re not offering rally bags, rally t-shirts, raffles or Friday night barbecue – we’re just going to gather with friends, visit, have some fun and go for some rides. We’ll be selling a commemorative Rally Patch for just $5.  Show the patch on Saturday for a FREE lunch.

Please save a spot on your riding calendar for Tour di Mari 8 – Lovin’ the’80s, which will be happening July 17th and 18th. See our Rally Page for a detailed schedule.

August 8-10, 2014!


click here for an events map

The Westenders Tour Di Mari #7 is underway!  This year’s theme is a turn back in time to the old west when cow pokes and ranch hands spent entire days set upon their saddles. We too will pay our own branded homage to these earlier ancestors by filling an entire weekend full of riding opportunities where we’ll be roaming the streets of Seattle and the Southend saddled up on our own modern version of a trusty steed.

Please save a spot on your riding calendar for Tour di Mari 7 – Blazing Saddles, which will be happening August 8 through 10, 2014. As our rally poster implies, the posse will be on the hunt for the elusive Robert Brown, aka: RogerTango while out riding the dusty trails, taking in good music, fine food and fun aplenty (what did you expect? It’s a Westenders rally, after all!).

Please check our our Rally Page or visit and ‘like’ our Facebook Page, for itinerary updates.


You Never Had A School Lunch Like THIS School Lunch!

The winners of the ‘School Lunch’ culinary throwdown (L-R): Fuzz, Boots, GrumpyGus, Safety Ed, Mother Goose, RT (photo: Click)

Hello, World!  Long time no talk?  You may be wondering where the Westenders have been all Fall?  Well, to be honest, we’ve been too busy having fun to sit down and blog about it!  After a summer and fall full of riding and fun, it was time for one of our famous culinary throwdowns.  We needed a theme, so why not…School Lunch? (more…)

I’m spilling the beans!

OK, so I know that rally packs are one of those things that most clubs don’t disclose the contents of until their rally weekend, usually because they either don’t have all their loot together until the rally, or because they want to keep us all in suspense. Well, I’m one of those people who loves a surprise, but I’m spilling the beans! I’m so excited about all we have worked on all year to put together for you all. Gone are the days of lean rally packs, when you attend a Westender SC rally. So I thought I’d give you a peek at what you’ll be getting! I encourage you to pre-order your rally pack because they have sold out in the past because of all the goodies we stuff ours with, so don’t miss out.

Visit our rally page by clicking here, and order yours through the Paypal link we have provided. Why $30? We put our money where our mouth is. Pre-order yours, get a t-shirt in your size, and you’ll see why I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. Go…now…do it….before they’re gone!


…and lots of other goodies I couldn’t squeeze into this brightly colored, motivational graphic. 😉


Not to be any alarmist or anything, but Tour di Mari 5 Rally Packs are now over 50% sold.  This means your chances of getting a t-shirt in your size are rapidly diminishing, particularly if you want Small or Medium.  Don’t wait until the last moment and act like this kid last year who waited until all the Rally Packs were sold out:


So don’t be a loser and have a meltdown! Click on the ‘Rally’ tab and get your Tour di Mari 5 Rally Pack before it’s too late!

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