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And the Winner Is…

Happy day as Mother Goose is surprised and delighted to win the raffle scooter! (video: Click)

Tour di Mari 5 is clearly the biggest and best Tour di Mari rally ever!  At the Saturday BBQ, we served over 110 people, and raffled off a ton of wonderful merchandise donated by our sponsors!  Here, you can see the restored 1974 Vespa Super being won by our very own Mother Goose!

But wait, there’s more!  Today is Click’s Photographers’ Ride!  We depart C&P Coffee at 11am for a tour of noted professional photographer Click’s favorite vistas, and well end up in White Center for Zippy’s Burgers first annual Burger Eating Contest!

And Here She Is!!!

Ready to meet her new owner! A very pleased Doc admires the Raffle Scoot! Someone is going to be riding this beauty away next Saturday! Got your Rally Pack yet?

The Raffle Scooter is here!!!  Someone’s going to win her this Saturday!!!  She’s a one-of-a-kind fully restored 1974 Vespa Super.  To win her, you’ve got to be at Tour di Mari 5!  Do you have your Rally Pack yet?  They’re 80% sold out, so you’d best get off your butt or be one of the many wishing on the sidelines. (more…)

A Tale of Two Rallies, Pt. 1: Meant to Offend

Not for the Easily Offended, because it's, well, Meant To Offend!

The Northwest Rally Season is now going full steam ahead!  With few exceptions, there will be a rally event going on somewhere in the PNW almost every weekend through the end of summer.  As a Public Service, the Westenders Scooter Club will try to publish recaps (from actual participants) so that you can enjoy again your adventures, and the rest of you can see what you missed! (more…)

Rally Art!











One of the fun things about Rally Season is the creative artwork used to promote the events.  Both Vespa Club of Seattle (left) and Twist & Play SC of Portland (right) offer fine examples of Rally art.

With Rally Season finally here, we’re treated to the annual art show as some of the Northwest’s best local artists are called upon to help promote local riding events.  While SoCal may have the legendary R. Black, the PNW has plenty of talent to draw from as well!The Westenders SC has created a number of excellent Rally posters as well, and many of these have been created by our own artistic genius, Red.  A gifted graphic artist, Red’s illustrating services are available to scooter clubs who have events coming up, but don’t necessarily have their own artistic talent.  Her fees are very reasonable, too!  You can get in contact with Red’s design firm, J. Henry Designs, by following this link!

Tour di Mari poster

The Westenders SC Tour di Mari 5 poster is a great example of the work of J. Henry designs. Follow the link in the article to find out how they can create first-rate promotional graphics for you!


Coming Along Nicely!

The master’s touch: Westender Stinky prepares the body shell of the Vespa Super for the paint shop. (photo: Boots)

As you may have heard, to celebrate a milestone Rally (Tour di Mari #5!), the Westenders are restoring a 1974 Vespa Super to be raffled off to a lucky participant at our rally.  Last weekend, several Westies gathered at Stinky’s Shed to help prepare the machine for the paint shop. (more…)

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